Friday, March 20, 2009

From Natural to Artificial (Year 3, Sem 1)

PRO330 “Advanced Form Workshop”

Facilitator: Fabrizio Galli

Project Brief:

starfruit1.jpg from Natural to Artificial
a post-naturalistic evolution’s catalogue

exploring the aesthetics of natural forms



discovering beauty in shapes and details
modeling organic shapes into the virtual world
manufacturing prototypes in Rapid Prototyping

My Project:

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Game Table (Year 2, Sem 2)

PRO210 “Conceptual Design” 2008

Facilitator: Fabrizio Galli

Project Brief:

A coffee table (for use in a public space) is a basic object which has to respond to very simple rules:

  • Defined dimension to fit in a limited space (75×75 cm).
  • Smooth edges to avoid any hurt or injury to the users.
  • Surface easy to clean and maintain.
  • Material resistant to the use.

The idea of the project is to combine a coffee table with games. The challenge is to create a form of entertainment on an object which as to conserve also its original utilitarian uses. Games are an excellent opportunity to explore interaction. In this project students can develop their ability to construct a scenario of use and they can create playful situations to enhance the user experience. They can also develop their ability to create and prototype a common use product.

Game Title: “Kick-Offs!”
I wanted to create a game that would allow player interaction and more than 2 players could participate in the game. Kick-Offs! was created from the idea of a combination between 2 existing games, Hungry Hippo and Foosball.

Initial mock-up:

Rhino renderings:

Final mock-up:

excerpts from intro to bnw module (Yr3 sem1)